Star Wars-inspired Ponchos

The "Star Wars" saga is loaded with inspiring costumes, and a lot of that style translates pretty easily to street wear. While I've long been enamored with the jackets of the galaxy far, far away (who isn't?), lately, I've been thinking a lot about ponchos. 

Plenty of characters from "Star Wars" wear ponchos -- Qui-Gon, Luke, Leia, Jyn and Rey are just some of the key players to sport them. But as I started to think about making myself a couple of ponchos, I didn't want to make costume replicas; instead I just wanted to make some ponchos with a fun nod to my favorite film franchise. 

I should also point out that this whole idea started when Hot Patterns released their Fast & Fabulous Glamour Poncho.  I really like the placket detail on this pattern -- the fact that you can wear it buttoned up or open made me think of the style of so many shirts that show up in "Star Wars."

It immediately got my brain whirring and wondering about design ideas. And then I thought of Captain Phasma's cape, black with red trim. And then I HAD to make a First Order poncho. 


For this garment, I used a really yummy bamboo rayon French terry that I got from I added a First Order patch that I had in my stash (I buy WAY too many patches), and used brushed silver buttons as a nod to my muse Phasma. 



But I remain, in my heart, a Rebel through and through, so I needed another poncho option to represent the freedom fighters that I've loved since I was 6. So I decided to make a second one from the same pattern and just switch up my fabric, button and patch choices. For this second one, I went with a moss-colored rib knit that I bought a while back for no reason whatsoever, and a charcoal bamboo rayon French terry for the accent band. The buttons were purchased at my local fabric store, and I found the patch on Amazon. 



For both of my ponchos, I opted out of using interfacing in the collar. My collars are floppy as a consequence, which was intentional -- I abhor having stiff fabrics around my neck. But if you prefer a more crisp finish to your project, interfacing is the way to go. 


The pattern is one-size-fits-all, but you have length options. I'm 5'3" and went with the middle length, but it is definitely long on me! I wanted some extra length, but if I make another one of these in the future I might opt for the petite version. 

The weight of the fabric definitely adds up, so if you want to keep things light, you'll want to select different fabrics. But my ponchos are both SO warm and cozy that the weight is worth it. I can layer one over a light jacket or cardigan and still feel nice and toasty outside in chilly weather.   

I can't wait to wear one of these to my next screening of "The Last Jedi"! Which reminds me ... I have a Holdo poncho idea for a future blog.